December 10, 2021

What elevates OneSource above the rest

Since 2001, OneSource has been helping businesses succeed in employee administration. We deliver prompt, courteous service and accurate, timely payrolls. We provide assistance with human resource issues including labor disputes, wrongful termination, employee performance reviews, harassment issues – and everything in between. Our experience and our philosophical approach to doing business is what elevates us above the competition. Give us a call today! (602) 553-8300
December 10, 2021

People work to get paid on time and accurately

People work to get paid. Timely and accurate payroll processing is a critical and important aspect of any business. OneSource understands payroll processing from simple salaried payrolls to more complex payrolls such as job costing, cost allocation and certified payrolls. OneSource offers several methods of calculating and transmitting payrolls including telephone, fax, time clock, email and our exclusive web-based time entry and information retrieval system. Our goal is to simplify the amount of time it takes our clients to prepare and submit their payroll for processing so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Give us a call today! (602) 553-8300
December 2, 2021

Successful Businesses NEED Stability!

Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, stability is one of the key components to running a successful business. Learn how OneSource can help improve your business’s overall workforce, profitability, and navigate complex federal and state laws! Give us a call today! (602) 553-8300
November 29, 2021

Focus on your customers!

Don’t let employee administration tasks take the gas out of your tank. Set up a meeting with OneSource and let us help you cut costs, save time, and reduce liability! Let’s set up a meeting!(602) 553-8300